VPN provides extra safe internet

VPN provides extra safe internet

VPN provides extra safe internet
September 11, 2019

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) provides more privacy and, in particular, on public WiFi, also for safer internet. In this article we will discuss how VPN works, when and how you use vpn and you should pay attention to?

Use the internet safely and anonymously

With VPN (Virtual Private Network) you create a secure 'tunnel' between your digital device (PC, smartphone, etc.) and the internet. All your internet traffic goes through the computer (server) of a free or paid VPN provider somewhere on the internet.

That provider takes care of encryption and for every connection a different IP address, which you also share with others. Your internet activities can no longer be traced directly to you. Every time you connect, you can choose from a country where you seem to be in front of others.

Online Security

We use the internet every day via our smartphone, tablet and PC. But also increasingly with other "smart" devices. And we can't live without it anymore. This dependence also creates risks. 

Secure internet on public Wi-Fi networks

On a public WiFi network, the (WiFi) network administrator or a hacker can intercept your data. A smart hacker can do that even if you visit encrypted (https / SSL) websites. With VPN, your entire connection is encrypted so that you can send e-mails or internet banking more securely via Wi-Fi. The alternative is to use your mobile 3G / 4G internet.

More privacy or more anonymous internet use

Third parties such as internet providers, government (services) and advertising companies are less able to follow you if you use VPN. Note: as soon as you log in somewhere with an existing account, that website will remember who you are. For the best privacy you also install an adblocker, which blocks tracking cookies. VPN is also often used to download more anonymously from illegal sources, such as fill bits from (bit) torrent sites.

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