Disadvantages for the usage of VPN

Disadvantages for the usage of VPN

Disadvantages for the usage of VPN
September 5, 2019

VPN can cause slower internet, because you surf via a detour: via the server of the VPN provider. Visiting web pages will usually run smoothly, but downloading larger files or streaming video can be noticeably slower or faltering. Setting up the VPN connection also takes some time. In addition, not every VPN provider has user-friendly software and mobile apps.

Set up VPN

VPN providers often have their own software / apps, but not always for all operating systems. With this software you often do not have to do anything else but install, select a server / country and press the connect button. If there is no own software from the VPN provider, you can use that from OpenVPN. You must then load the (server) settings of your VPN provider into this.

Choose a paid or free VPN provider

You usually purchase VPN from a VPN provider. You can choose between free and paid services. Free VPN services without disadvantages or limitations do not exist. Usually you have to deal with a limited data limit, speed or amount of servers / countries with which you can connect. The low speed can be a consequence of the pressure on the small number of free servers that you can connect to.

Paid services are also not always good. There are considerable differences in the amount of servers, prices and conditions. 

Does VPN ensure 100% anonymity?

Probably not, but your privacy will improve considerably. If you choose a VPN provider from the United States or a country that works closely with it, there is a greater chance that there will be a back door for the government (services). If you mainly want to stay out of sight at advertising companies, then you don't have to pay much attention to the country of establishment. 

VPN via router

Instead of a VPN provider you can also use a VPN router, but only a limited number of (expensive) routers support that. When you are outside, you create a secured tunnel to your own fixed internet connection. This way you can use the internet on a public WiFi network more safely. This form of VPN is not suitable for using the internet more anonymously at home.

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